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About Cookies, Privacy, and Accessibility on this site

We respect your online privacy, which is important. As with almost every webisite, this one does collect general, freely available information about browser types and visits to the site so we can improve it. We do not collect or store any personal information from you.

This site uses cookies, if you choose to accept them. The site also works fine without cookies. Cookies are simple, harmless text files sent by websites to your browser, which stores them for as long as you allow. Then every time you look at a page on that website, your browser sends back a copy of that particula cookie so that the site knows who it is talking to. This is a bit like going to a convention where they temporarily put a name badge on you so people know who you are as you walk around in the conference. Without cookies websites simply cannot remember who you are from one minute to the next.

You can control the cookie settings in your own browser, stop or delete any and all cookies at any time, or deal with cookies on a site-by-site basis. You can set your browser to delete all cookies on a regular basis, for example when you close it, or once a day, week, or month. If you just accept all cookies from all sites and never delete them, search engines, advertisers and other parties eventually get a complete view of your online life, which is why UK and EU law now require sites to get your consent before they send you cookies in the first place - it is your choice to accept or reject cookies.

Accessibility on websites means everyone can use them. Web Accessibility also means complying with UK disability and discrimination law, so everyone can access a website, even without using a mouse or screen. This site meets the standards set by the intenational web standards body W3C, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, but if you have any difficulties or concerns here please do contact us. Its always easy to test any website online for yourself, and report problems sites at

This site is using responsive design, where page elements can rearrange or resize to create reasonable layout and usability on today's wide range of screen sizes and devices, including mobile ones.